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mkontur On the way to school recently, at a loss for any better story to tell the kids, I regurgitated an old spy story from World War II that had caught my fancy while I browsed the internet.  Having filtered it through their 7-year-old memories, they summarized it to their mother the next day, reporting that the Americans had saved the entire world by freezing bums in boxes full of ice and casting them adrift in the ocean from submarines.  Lena was shocked that I would tell the kids such tales – and even more shocked, I’d guess, at an unexpected jingoistic streak in my character.  I repeated the story in summarized form to put her mind at rest, and she asked me to put it in writing.  There’s little point in my repeating it yet again in my own words, because in fact, I known nothing more about it than what I got from the internet article.  So I’ll copy that here, with acknowledgments and thanks to the original site, Damninteresting.  And damn interesting it is:



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