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MTIn the same report I did about the Bundestag library, the head usher told a story about how the Gummi Bear became a parliamentary institution. Food is actually strictly forbidden in parliament, but one year, a representative brought some home-baked cookies for Christmas. Everybody ate them, and no one objected. So then someone brought some bags of Gummi Bears and shared them. Soon it became a habit, and now it’s part of protocol for an usher to stand at the entrance to the chamber before the session opens, holding a basket of Gummi Bears. As the representatives file into the hall, they each take one and pop it into their mouths. There have been times when the Bundestag was compared to a kindergarten, but this is the hard proof. Is this Pavlovian politics? A bit of positive reinforcement before a parliamentary session? I guess basically, we’re all still children inside.


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